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Why use our commercial cleaning services ?

Krystal Clear Cleaning specializes in providing superior commercial cleaning services tailored to the unique needs of businesses in Huntington and surrounding areas. Our professional team is committed to creating clean, healthy, and welcoming environments for your employees, clients, and visitors, ensuring your business space reflects the high standards and professionalism of your company.

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Bedroom Cleaning
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Some of our Residential Services

Janitorial Cleaning Services In Huntington Ny

Janitorial Services

Office Cleaning Services Ny

Office / Buildings

Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning

Move-in / Move-Out

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Additional Services

  • Office Cleaning: From open workspaces to individual offices, we ensure a productive and dust-free environment, focusing on desks, common areas, and electronic equipment.
  • Retail Cleaning: We keep your retail space inviting with thorough cleaning of floors, display units, and fitting rooms, enhancing the shopping experience for your customers.
  • Hospitality Cleaning: For hotels and restaurants, cleanliness is paramount. We offer detailed cleaning services that cover guest rooms, lobbies, dining areas, and kitchens.
  • Educational Facilities: Schools and colleges require special attention to maintain a healthy learning environment. Our services include classroom cleaning, sanitation of restrooms, and maintenance of outdoor areas.
  • Healthcare Facilities Cleaning: With strict adherence to sanitation protocols, we clean medical offices, clinics, and hospitals to ensure a safe environment for patients and healthcare providers.

Frequently Asked Questions​

The frequency depends on various factors including office size, number of employees, and type of business. We typically recommend at least weekly cleaning for standard offices, with more frequent services for high-traffic areas.

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